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GPS / GLONASS Vehicle tracker GATE-FM200

Fourth generation controllers GATE-FM for
transport control and tracking.

Fifth generation controllers GATE-FM for transport control and tracking. The equipment GATE-FM100 is developed in the up-to-date U-blox  GSM modem base and has the most sensitive recipients of U-blox coordinate determining on the market. It is ideal for tracking and control of heavyweight transport of US transport industry manufacturers  like Kenworth, MACK, Freightliner, Peterbilt, VOLVO and another as well as tracking of light motor vehicles.

Temperature measurements
Fuel consumption control
Working hours from the TCO entry
Contact with a driver
Internal backup battery
Identification of your vehicle location
Eco driving
Trailer recognition
Measurements of fuel level in tank
CAN bus
Technical data of the device
- GSM 2/3G , LTE CAT1 (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon)
- GPS / GALILEO/GLONAS/Beidu (72 chanel )
- CAN (J1939, J1708) PLC (Power line communicator)
- K-line, TCO Info line (for digital tachographs)
- 1 RS232, 3 digital I/O, 3 analogous inlets (12 bit)
- Standby supply unit: LiPo 750 mAh
- Working environment temperature: –40–+85 °C
- Working supply voltage: DC 8–30 V
- Average power consumption: 1 W