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Real-time transport control and monitoring system

How Does it Work?
1. Installation

Gate FM GPS tracker is installed into the vehicle

2. Software set-up

Online account is set-up and is ready to receive data from the the GPS tracker.

3. Launch

Data collected by Gate-FM is sent to the your online account accessible.



Features See All Features

Access Online

This service can be used any time of day from any computer connected to the internet.

Map Vehicle Location

You will always know the location of your vehicles. This information can be accessed easily and quickly in the system. It can be displayed as text or in graphical form on a map.

Be Safe

Additional security for the driver, vehicle and cargo.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited number of users or connections.

Unlimited Vehicles

Unlimited number of vehicles controlled.

24/7 Access

The resources of our servers are at your disposal. You won't need to invest in an additional computer or server. Our servers are always at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Send Sms Directly

Users of the system are provided with the ability to send SMS directly from a computer to any mobile phone.

Monitor Fuel

The fuel consumption control is a great preventive measure against theft and fraud.


A simple way to order and download reports in different formats (XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT).


Telemetric equipment has necessary inlets 0–10 V or 2–40 mA for connection of industrial thermometers. The system can inform the user about breaches of temperature regime by SMS and / or email.

Route Planning

Plan routes, follow the course of performance, and inform users about vehicle arrival and departure from a destination. Generate and distribute expense reports for the carried out route.

Eco Driving

CAN interface monitors the readings of vehicle work mode – speed, engine revs, and fuel consumption, which enables one to determine a driver’s work quality.


News & Events

Rules for the processing of personal data

Rules for the processing of personal data

"Simbiotecha" UAB undertakes to comply with the rules for the processing of personal data prepared by the European Union and pursuant to the requirements of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

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System Servers Upgrade

System Servers Upgrade

The system will not be able to log in since Thursday 21st. 3PM to 6PM. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Is it right for me?

This system is primary intended for businesses that own transport fleets. It is also beneficial to micro-companies with one vehicle, as well as to individuals. 

What's Included

Our Devices

We offer various models of the GPS tracker based on your company’s specific needs.

GPS Tracker